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Personal project.
The saying that "motion is life" has been known since ancient times and despite its simplicity its depth is impossible to measure, yet it is clear to everyone. The whole of nature, the world around us, from the most microscopic particles to supercluster of the galaxies, is in constant motion. Humanity lives on a small piece, on the scale of the Universe. And that particle is unique. It's our home. But human civilization, with each passing century, generates more and more ecological problems in our home. Some species disappear for good, others can be saved. Yes, the animal world died out before humans did, and not just individual species, but whole populations. (Read about mass extinctions in Earth's history, if you haven't already.) Nature will always be able to adapt to new conditions. Anyway, it is in our power to watch what we do in our own home. We quarrel, we make peace, we invent, we kill, we create, we quarrel again, we make peace again... I hope that humanity one day will find a way to live in greater harmony with itself and with the world around us, and not just greedily pump out subsoil and burn it for "the common good".
Perhaps someone will find my thought naive or even ridiculous, but I just wanted to say my point and made it via creativity.
I have devoted my new series of works, which I have titled "In Motion," to the diversity and beauty of nature, which I have been inspired by since l was a child. Nine artworks. Nine different kinds of animals.