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A Pre-sunset Tale

HUION was kind enough to give me this display to test. I've tried similar displays before, but I've never had my own and never worked with one. This is my first experience.
I'll be honest, it's a little unfamiliar, after 15 years of drawing on regular graphics tablets without a screen. But you get used to it very quickly. And only two things were disadvantages.
The first is the lack of possibility to rotate the stylus (only Pen Tilt, but not Rotation). Photoshop and Rebelle have long offered such a setting as "stylus barrel rotation", but tablet manufacturers stubbornly ignore this option for their styluses, even though it is a super function. Second, I miss the buttons on the MiniKey bar. It's handy, but it doesn't have enough buttons for my style. I ended up going back to the regular keyboard.
Otherwise, it's a great tool for the artist. I loved it and will continue to use it in my artwork.