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Bonfire (A thought about AI on Artstation )

For the past few days, a hurricane has been raging in our sphere. I think I'll speak out too, in case anyone is interested in my opinion.

I know that my artworks has also been used in the training of the most popular AI's models, and I saw how people put my nickname in a thier prompts. Ok. I am not a begginer into the Internet and I know that everything here can be stolen by someone. I uploaded my pictures to the Internet and of course they can be downloaded and used by any unscrupulous users, ignoring the copyright. I am not against it, (It's impossible to fight this, and you can't keep track of everything, I think) but I am TOTALLY against the fact that the generated images on their basis are used without any processing (I mean "clean" ai art), on sites like Artstation or Behance. It just have no place on such porfolio resources. And I fully agree with my colleagues in this. We have every right to complain if it directly affects our rights. We should talk about it.

I like to play with Midjourney or Stable Diffusion settings, to generate abstract and hemi abstract images for searching an ideas and thoughts. It's really very exciting, i think it's part of general progress of technologies and part of the part of digital art. Probably I wrong, I still believe it can be a good tool for concept artists, and designers, BUT(!) you need to know the measure.

We need some kind of moderation here, (I don't know how it possible technically (I'm not an engineer or programmer), but so far the eye of an experienced artist can distinguish AI art from the original in 95% of the cases. That's why we need to talk to the owners of neural networks, instead directing our hatred at Artstation, a place that has become a kind of cozy home for us, for artists. I even admit that Artstation itself was somewhat shocked by the flood of AI art and wasn't prepared for such a turn of events, because the rapid development of neural networks happened just in the last few months (half of the year maybe). And what will happen next is unknown.

It's too sweet candy that a lot of people won't give up because it's already been tasted and a lot of people like the taste of it. I'm sure if we talk about it now, we'll find some kind of compromise.