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"Far Lands. Valley of Sisters" Cinematic scene

Experiment in reviving of my static artworks with adding a new dimention into it. Just for fun and practice.
That's awesome feeling when you can be a director of your own movie and put the camera from any angle and then also be a composer and compose an original soundtrack for your film. XD
Difficult but nice way for concept art.

I’d ask professional 3D artists… just close your eyes, don’t watch this! Because many things I did here, I did wrong, in the most nightmarish way or something can be done faster and better with another software. I know it. But I'm just learning how to do it.
I've done 3d versions of my 2D artworks before, but this time I put a more ambitious goal in mind. At the beginning I wanted to do something simple, just a few planes with textures and movement in parallax. But then I had the idea of doing a complete scene in which I could rotate the camera freely, flying around statues or character figures or something like that.
I started to think about how to do all this and if I could do it at all. Then I realized that it was a big, complex task for which I lacked the knowledge. And if I could complete what I had imagined, I would learn a lot about 3D, and at the same time I would get better at it.
During the process, I had more and more ideas what else to add, and the number of tasks was growing, as well as the time to find solutions for that.
It was a very exciting adventure and now I want to know even more.

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Cinematic video

Making of...
Timelapse video of modeling scene in Blender and several short episodes of creation of soundtrack for that.

Original artwork I've done in March 2023

Original artwork I've done in March 2023